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Doctor Gilberto Munoz M.D., M.P.H.
Senior AME

Dr. Gilberto Munoz has been designated by the FAA to be an senior aeromedical examiner. With over thirty years of medical experience specializing in family, sports and occupational medicine, Dr. Munoz provides the highest level of service necessary for FAA medical certification.

He has been a resident of Chicago for twenty years providing medical care for the local community, businesses, government and the Chicago Fire soccer team. He is a member of the Civil Aviation Medical Association (CAMA), Aerospace Medical Association (ASMA) and Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association (AOPA).

Dr. Munoz is a pilot advocate dedicated to providing professional, knowledgeable and expedited aeromedical services for pilots.

If special issuances are necessary, he will work with your primary care physician. His main objective is to keep you healthy and flying.

Doctor Teresa Cvengros M.D.
Senior AME

Doctor Cvengros has been designated by the FAA to be an senior aeromedical examiner. She is a Family Medicine physician with added training in Sports Medicine.

She has special interest in healthy diet and exercise to improve and enhance health. She has attended many nutritional conferences focusing on health and nutrition including Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM) and the Plantrician Project.

She shares a private practice with Doctor Gilberto Munoz at Chicago Med Group. She also precepts the Family Medicine residents at the outpatient clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital.

Doctor Gilberto Munoz is a Senior FAA AME in Great Lakes Region located in Chicago, IL
Doctor Teresa Cvengros

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I'd highly recommend Dr. Munoz to any of my pilot colleagues. 5/5, for scheduling flexibility and being pilot-friendly.
Excellent experience, called and scheduled an appointment same day for a third class medical certificate for a private pilots license. Very professional and prompt team, and Dr Munoz spent time to talk with his patients. Street and garage parking available. Recommended.
Just got my medical there was in and out in 30 minutes and couldn’t ask for a more friendly staff and doctor. Highly recommend if you’re in the Chicago area especially for pilots

Our FAA Medical Process

Whether you are a veteran Airman or just starting your Aviation career, we want to make navigating the process as easy for you as possible.

Dr Munoz Senior AME makes it easy for obtaining a FAA First Class, Second Class, or Third Class medical a breeze