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Aeromedical Services

Resources for Private, Commercial Airmen as well as AMEs

FAA - Medxpress Application

Prior to your visit, please use your existing account and create a new Medical Application in the Medxpress system. If this is your first time - you will need to create a new account with the FAA.

Review our Checklist (below)

To ensure there are no delays with your medical exam - please review the checklist to ensure you have everything ready prior to your appointment.

Dr Munoz Senior AME makes it easy for obtaining a FAA First Class, Second Class, or Third Class medical a breeze

FAA Links

AME Guide

The Guide provides pertinent information and guidance needed to perform the duties and responsibilities of an Aviation Medical Examiner.

Disease Protocols

The following lists the Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners Disease Protocols, and course of action that should be taken by the Examiner as defined by aeromedical decision considerations

FAA Medial Standards

Summary of Medical Standards for obtaining First-Class / Second-Class or Third-Class Medical certificate.

FAA Pilot Portal

Get everything you need on the Pilots portal. Here you will find information on certification, training, regulations, and other aspects of flying. You can also look up aircraft information, re-register your plane, and do other tasks

Aeromedical Safety Brochures

Aeromedical Safety Brochures created by the FAA for Airmen and AMEs. The documents cover important safety and physiological concerns in the nature of aviation as well as safety concerns.

Substances of Dependence/Abuse

Aeromedical decision-making guidance includes an analysis of the underlying disease or condition and treatment. The underlying disease has an equal and often greater influence upon the determination of aeromedical certification.